Howdy! I'm Jessica,  a serious fashionista.

I suffer a severe case of wanderlust and constantly find myself day dreaming.  It’s a serious issue I struggle with daily.  I’ve always had a style different than most of my peers.  I’d say it looks like a hippie, a cowboy, and a lost desert child meshed all into one.  I occasionally catch people staring and pointing.  When I was younger, I would not wear what I wanted to avoid attracting unwanted attention.  Soon I realized, I was hiding my true self because I was afraid of what others thought.  Recently, I’ve learned there is no reason to hide, but to embrace my style and express how I feel with my fashion.  I call this The Vaquera Way.

Never hide who YOU are! 

→Fun Facts About Me←

  •   I am married to THE most amazing man on this planet!

  •   I am currently in the radiology program at McLennan Community College.

  •   I love photography and making visions come to life! (@thevaqueraway.photography)

  •   I’m OBSESSED with Rocky Mountain and Wrangler jeans.

  •   Wildflowers, cacti, and succulents of any sort, put a smile on my face every time. 

  •   I’m an awful storyteller. 

  •   I eat too fast.

  •   I’m definitely indecisive, I think? But give me some tacos and a mango margarita and I’m happy as a lark.  Also a glass of wine or three never hurt anybody.

  •    My golden rule: “Always Be Kinder Than You Feel.”

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